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Honey's Natural Candles: The Birth of Highly Fragrant, Non-Toxic Soy Candles

Malika Wilkins

Posted on May 31 2018

Honey's Natural Candles: The Birth of Highly Fragrant, Non-Toxic Soy Candles

My love for candles began as a teenager. I would buy them and burn them at home to simply relax or to create a comforting mood after a long day. I never really paid attention to the types of candles I would buy, until I began making them of course.

Before I began making candles at home, I would always purchase the normal brands that you would typically find in the mall or drugstore. On occasion, I would even go as far as to purchase high-end candles from some of my favorite department stores, costing me upwards of $90! 

One day while surfing the web, I stumbled across a video on the art of candle making and the history of the craft. It talked a lot about candle making in ancient times and how candles have been used for healing for thousands of years. The video really resonated with me, so much so that the same night, I dreamt that I was an artisan candle maker. After waking the next day and watching what felt like 100 candle making videos on YouTube, it was pretty apparent that I was in love....but where to begin? There are so many types of waxes, fragrances and wicks that it was almost overwhelming. In my research, I found that many of the candles that are sold today not only use waxes that contain toxic carcinogens which are known to cause cancer, but other harmful chemicals that can also cause long-term health issues. 

While paraffin wax can produce a highly fragrant candle, the health risks certainly outweigh the fragrant benefits in my humble opinion. One of the biggest issues many people have with paraffin wax is the soot and indoor pollution these candles can produce. Paraffin is a petroleum based by product that comes from the sludge of crude oil. Simply put, paraffin wax is the bottom of the barrel oil that the gas and oil industries discard after the initial refining process. Gross! After the sludge is bleached white and additional chemicals are added, the wax is hardened and ready to be sold. On average, there are at least 6 toxic chemicals in every paraffin product produced today. These same chemicals are also found in diesel fuel fumes and can cause respiratory problems as well as aggravate those with asthma or other lung issues.

In addition to that, many of today's candles contain lead based wicks. When burned, these wicks release toxic heavy metals into your breathing air. As a wife and mother, my families' health and well being is paramount, so after many hours of research, I settled on natural soy wax with 100% cotton wicks.

natural soy candles

Of course I made sure to tell every candle lover I knew about the dangers of burning traditional candles. Some were just as shocked as I and vowed to never burn a paraffin candle again while others simply shrugged it off.  Those that didn't care about the health aspect of candle burning only seemed to care about the scent throw and how powerful the fragrance was. In order to get these people on board with my healthy candle burning mission, I set out to develop exceptionally scented soy candles that were non toxic and clean burning.

After weeks of trial and error and long nights researching and testing, I was able to develop my very own formula for highly fragrant soy candles. All of our candles are hand poured with love, cruelty free and we only incorporate ingredients and products that we would use around our own families, children and pets. Honey's Natural Candles is for the health conscience candle lover who desires a highly fragrant, cleaner burning, nontoxic candle.

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