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With a knack for great scents and a need for healthier candle options, artisan candle maker Malika began her journey making soy candles for friends and family as a hobby. Knowing that many people who purchase and burn paraffin candles aren't aware of the harmful toxins emitted, Malika set out to create the perfect scented candle without compromising health.

The dilemma arose when testing out various candle scents. It's well known that one advantage of paraffin candles is the scent throw in that these candles are normally much stronger. After many long nights of testing, trial and error, Malika developed her own unique and natural formula for highly fragrant soy wax candles and Honey's Natural Candles was born!

Honey's strives to bring high quality, highly fragrant, natural soy candles to the world. We believe that candles are for healing and the scent alone can invoke nostalgia or reduce stress. Burning candles is a great way to feel good and relax, and it is our goal to light up the world with Peace, Harmony, and candle at a time.

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